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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
I generally stay suspicious of 'new and improved'... dealing with living things and the genetic limitations of those living things, it is difficult for me to believe that we'll ever do a better job getting them to flourish moreso in a manmade system, than in the natural system...
Proven failures of a 'new and improved' idea, as an example is, bagging the grass clippings... in natural settings the recycled grass bodies provide an enormous benefit that we don't even consider anymore...

Working with the plant's lifecycle, rather than interuptting it with a 'great technology' is best... learning how to enhance the natural systems with advance learning is so much better than replacing the natural systems...

Another example of how we spend time and money, by replacing the natural order is 'dethatching' and removing all the natural mulch cover in the turf, reseeding, then putting down a course, unnatural straw cover that doesn't otherwise exist in turf, to help the seeds grow...

Some ideas are good and some ideas are not... fortunately grasses grow quite well in spite of our involvement...

Smallaxe, you definitely got your head on right. Observe and remember ...

Smallaxe nailed it. Pesticides of all varieties kill pests of all varieties. These are important things to understand... just understand there is a more important wealth of knowledge that can help someone to surpass that mechanical stuff. How about this. If you pay attention to the environment more. You just might notice how some neighborhoods seem to be infested with webworms and others not. Webworms love short dense potato vine...alot! You might find that neighborhoods with more potato vine surrounding there area or in there area have much less turfgrass activity. One small example of all the tools available that don't cost $ or that needs to be applied. Their are alot of them! These things help you to master the mechanical side. Your landscape can't talk, but it sure knows sign language. Understanding you're landscapes signing is key. Like being able to have you're race horse run the race without a jockey and win. It's possible. You just need to know more about horses than jockeys.
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