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Originally Posted by C Jovingo Landscaping View Post
Research "Lemon Laws" as far as I know if you have the same issue 3 times within a year then it has to be replaced by law. Knew a lady who had purchased new Grand AM & it was end of model year, when new model years were abt to come out. She had it in the shop 3 times for same issue & they replaced it with the new model year cuz they did not have anymore of her year. So she ended up with new model year for the price of the old model year that was discounted to make room for the new ones coming to the lot.

Once you research what the Lemon Law says & if it applies to your situation, then call dealer & tell them you spoke to Lemon Law Attorney & your mower needs to be replaced & if you have to you will retain the attorney to figure out if Toro or Dealer is responsible for replacing.
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I searched online but the "Lemon Laws" is only for Cars but I found out that there's a law called "Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act" which helps consumers out on smaller goods. It states :If the product, or a component part, contains a defect or malfunction, must permit the consumer to elect either a refund or replacement without charge, after a reasonable number of repair attempts. So does this mean I could get a refund? Thanks for all the help guys.
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