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The more I thought about it. The way I said that sounds kooky.

Here's something you won't find in a book or find in someones teachings. I don't believe its common knowledge.

There was a time when azalea caterpillars tore threw azalea foliage every early summer. I don't believe they are much of a problem for anyone these days but let me tell ya. You could visit an account one week...azaleas look great. The next week. They look like stick bush. Big fat catts eating so much there's poop balls laying around like dark granules of fert. You had to soak with orthene to get control.

Now what you might not know.
After azaleas have dropped their blooms and flush out new growth. Certain things in the environment happen that have to be self taught which let you know its time to watch for something.
On a strong wind day. Watch azaleas blow around in the wind. Look for the bright white cottony stuff spread around underneath random pieces of foliage. If you saw more than 5-10 pods. This would be eggs laid. Walk threw you're azaleas pulling off these pieces of foliage. You will miss some but you know, in a few weeks the ones you missed will hatch and the babies will be clustered together and look like a fat cigar pushed down onto a stick. Simply prune out the little cluster and your potential problem with these azaleas has ended. No treatment needed. No recovery needed.
This kind of thing is always happening with most pest and pest is not only insects. This is part of understanding signing. Once you can't NOT see these signings. Products and labels will be of less importance and you're conversations will change. You can't learn THIS STUFF in a classroom or auditorium. I will even bet you every teacher you have ever listened to knows not of this. To add to that. There is a book load of these things I could talk about. When you can. You'll know sign.
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