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I partially agree with this thread, most of my bigger equipment was bought gently used so that somebody else took the big hit and I still ended up with clean late model trucks, skids, etc. And I am very patient when making a new purchase, I will search for months. I started looking for a used mini excavator in January and I had no luck finding one, people seem to run them into the ground. Every mini that I found in good condition was almost the cost of a new one and every mini I found in the $25,000 range had 2000-3000 hours on it and would most likely need undercarriage work. So in this case I think it made sense to buy a new machine. I wasn't sure about my decision until we got it out on a commercial retaining wall and wow did it save me a lot of time over my old mini. Another thing I typically by new is trailers, the used one seem to be about the same price as new. But I will probably never buy new dump trucks they are crazy expensive.
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