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starting a fescue lawn from scratch

i've done plenty of aerations and overseedings, but have yet to start one from scratch. i'm doing my backyard tommorow, small, around 3,000 or so square feet. so far, what i have done is killed off everything, dug out all the bermuda sod that was there. i'm gonna till it really good first.. the soil isn't to compacted, it turns over easy with a shovel, not to bad for georgia clay. i've been getting out the rocks, its pretty much ready to go.. was wondering what the best steps to go about this for the best results?? should i till in the lime and fert? this is the first time i used a tiller, this thing is my great grandfather-in law's tiller, its over 30 years old i believe... still runs like a champ.. lol.

i'd really like to not use wheat straw, after i till, should i use a roller? what is the best way to level?? i was gonna just try to hard rake. if i need to get a roller i'd have to rent it, or buy the cheap one from northern tool or home depot. i'm really doing this on a budget, the wife wants grass back there.. its the perfect mix of sun and shade for the fescue, we had mostly fescue with some bermuda and dallis grass. back there before i killed it off.. didn't quite have enough bermuda back there to get it going, but i had two nice patches of it that i kept up over the summer and transplanted to another part of the yard..

i'm gonna be using the lesco trigold transition blend, have heard good stuff about it.
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