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Low oil light

Bought a brand new hustler trimstar 54" with kawasaki electric start engine

After the first hour of use the low oil red light came on while parking the mower. I let it sit for 30 minutes then checked the level....and it was right at the "add" line Hopefully that didn't hurt the brand new motor?

I added fresh oil and on my way I go....30 minutes later im done mowing and I bring the engine down to idle and the red light comes on again. I do the same and check the level and it was right at full mark. I then tested it and everytime I brought the throttle up the light went out. Bring the throttle back down to idle and the red light comes on.

Now im sure I would need to bring the mower into the dealership but I already have bad blood with the dealer. He is the closest Hustler dealer to me but he turns away most of the "warranty" issues I have had with my other Hustler super Z telling me that " hustler won't fix that under warranty" I've complained about 3-4 other things that have had issues with that should be under warranty and he denies all of them. Im sure whatever is wrong with this mower now I will be covering out of my own pocket.

What could this be? Mower has right at 4 hours on it now.
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