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thanks guys.. i know fescue isn't the best in this area. i believe we are about 90% bermuda in my area (my old trugreen route was anyway..) but there are some people who still insist on growing it here, and it'd be nice to have an area. of fescue in my backyard to mess with over the next year, to help develop my program a little better.. i haven't treated a fescue lawn in a while, but still have those here.

i know the bermuda is gonna start creeping back by the summer.. but i transplanted the big areas to the other side of the yard where i had a a nice stand of bermuda with some bare areas that needed filled in.. its gonna be a strange backyard to say the least.. i will post some pictures when i get them. i have a good stand of bermuda on one side, gonna have a mulch bed in the middle and fescue on the other side.. lol. i'm gonna get rid of the fescue eventually and sod bermuda, so not to concerned with the bermuda comming back, i'm expecting it too. bermuda/fescue mix would be better than what it was before. gonna definetly do bermuda or zoyzia sod back there in a few years.. just not the top of my priorities financially.. as i'm trying to grow a new lawn care business.

the blend on the label of the fescue seed..

starfire 33%
stetson II 33%
mojave II 33%

i dunno, not to much worried about it, if it was a customers lawn that'd be different, my backyard.. not to important. i will try it out and see what happens.. will update the thread with pictures.

thanks again for the quick responses.
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