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My boss isn't living the high life and always tells me he pays employees before himself. The other employees are in the same situation and I asked him why don't you get a line of credit like other businesses do to make paydays more predictable and he said he doesn't want to be in debt and I said so make sure you don't. Apparently I am supposed to get paid soon . . . heard that before, he has $18,000 in accounts receivable. I told him straight up today that I will not keep fronting gas for business use and MY TOOLS are coming out of the van, which means we don't have any pump pliers, cresents or a decent screw driver let alone a multimeter or wire strippers. I have tried everything I have thought of to try and make things run smoother for him on my end and to no avail, just put in another 10 hr. day for him. I'm not perfect I try to address the problems, interface with customers, problem solve and manage my other co workers, not doing too bad for being 20. Thanks, everyone.
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