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Originally Posted by murfpcola View Post
Thanks for the input. My brother worked for a landscape company in the mid 90's and they used Bunton mowers. Im sure there are more bells and whistles out now days but being this is for personal use I know it will be all the mower I will need. Set the height and forget it. Once I get it up to par I figure it should last me many many years with little work other than routine maint. Like said before just tired of junk big box store mowers. krzys555, Did you mean if it does not burn oil buy it? Is this a problem with the Kaw or just good general rule?
it is good as a general rule, it is not a problem with the kawi.
these engines are older and it is harder to get parts, unless you have a great dealer/mechanic
they stopped making them
once it starts to burn oil, it is time to consider a upgrade.
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