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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Tom, apparently your mower is similar to the one of Rev ... Wicked. On my original post, with the pics, my new cable only needed to be looped over a hook. Rev ... Wicked has an older mower that requires an adapter plate. As I see his pics, it looks like the adapter plate does fit over the post coming from the transmission.

As I understand your question, and understand what Rev ... Wicked did (plus others) with the adapter plate, your question is best directed at those with the older mower. I'm sorry, but I help. Maybe others who have used the adapter plate can reply with useful information.
Thanks for the quick reply. I've attached a couple of pics of the control arm part that I'm trying to remove. This part of my unit looks just like the parts in your photos. I don't think it has anything to do with the cable or adapter plate....just can't see how it is removed from the pivot point (your description in your photo).
Until I remove it, I can't take off the honeycomb black plastic piece to access the cable end. I've soaked it in penetrating oil thinking that the corrosion is preventing its removal and tried to pry it off without luck. I can see the pin which allows the selector rod to move the control arm, but don't know how it is removed.
Any ideas are appreciated.
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