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Originally Posted by MJB View Post
Wet or dry thin blade grass flops over if cutting to high. We have always had trouble and all our lawns are irrigated so you do the best you can and doublecut when necessary, all decks have issues under certain conditions.
QOC is my biggest battle. My SZ leaves a clean cut with no or very very few stragglers even at a good speed. My 460 is bad. Disgusted with the QOC, especially when cutting higher in tall thin or even thick irrigated fescue. Stuff is matting down terrible. I must spend a great deal of time "lifting" the matted grass from the wheel tracks with my trimmer around the outer loop. The 460 has little to no lift. The SZ has ten times the lift but I still battle the matting and battle poor clipping dispersal because it leaves a carpet of full length clippings. Tried a mulch kit for the first time in my 13 yrs. of commercial cutting (other than my push mowers) and the 460 stragglers were much less. If I tried to push it at all got a mowhawk from between center and right blades. Also leaves clumps that I have to disperse with my back pack blower. Super dry here but almost all my properties are irrigated and growing 3-7" in seven days. I don't think any mulcher can keep up with that. Frustrated as well.
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