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Originally Posted by Blasko's Lawncare View Post
Im looking into purchasing a zero turn in the upcoming year and for the longest time I've had my heart set on an Exmark. But lately I've been asking around getting peoples opinions on the new generation of Exmark. The feedback hasn't been good most people say that the cut will look good when you leave but when you go back an hour later you find out that the grass wasn't completely cut and pops back up the same people say they want there old Exmarks back. So this has really got me thinking about considering scag and i'm looking for opinions on witch will give me the better cut and less chance of having to double cut and me being in eastern PA we have mainly Kentucky Blue Grass. Any response is appreciated!
in my personal opinion there really isn't any brand of mower that is superior in any way, shape or form.

I cut kb and tall fescue. I have access to toro, scag, exmark, wright, walker and deere.

my choice is exmark and toro. the others cost more and just don't offer anything that make them better than the toros and exmarks to make me willing to pay the extra money.

I've had and used new and old exmarks and have never had a bad cut as a result of the mower.
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