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I have ried the software and cannot seem to be fast enough with it. folks will give you an hour to hour and a half window to sell them. that gives me enough time to get them to trust me, measure, write up a bid and overcome objections. I do about 4-10 appointments a day from November 10-dec 3. I may change my tune if I start struggling to close work, but I have never needed to use the software to close 35-50 new jobs per year. photos of your work or others, catalogs, give the visual.

That being said, I have heard of guys that have that landscaper pro software, and that were struggling for work in the first few years. so they just go to a new neighborhood, taking photos of each house, and then spending 30 minutes on each home with the computer putting landscaping, christmas lights and landscape lights and then mailing the 3 photos. to the homes. it generates work.
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