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Originally Posted by Premier GreenScape View Post
Well, I have decided to just stick with GoDaddy for a few more months. I figures out that I could add their Blog package for $5 a month for the next two months. Then I can get to the slower part of the year and redo my site with another host.

Thanks for all the feedback and any more to come.
If you plan to use your website to actually generate business, I would not suggest to stick with one host. Part of ranking a website is about having history. If you get up and move, it may drop ranking if not done properly. Be the questions you are asking, it seems that you may be one of those people. Research for a good local hosting company and then stick with them. I use and we have been using them since 2005. We have a dedicated server and host our own sites in it. Not for reselling purpose. It took is about three to get real traffic to the sites we own but now we are enjoying sales and leads on a daily basis.
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