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You made some good points in your article Bill, especially running the line a little longer, and striving to make the trimming match the mowing.

Here are a few other tips,

After feeding out some line I often spin the line against a hard surface or object to cut the line to the optimum length
(where the engine runs smoothly) and also to make the ends sharp instead of frayed.

Consider using a smaller diameter line, it allows you to run a longer length at the same engine rpm. Even though I run a powerful trimmer
(Stihl FS130) I often use .065 or .080 with excellent results, and this allows a 21" cutting swath.

I use lightweight soccer-style shin guards above my 8" boots, this provides excellent shin protection to just below the knee.

Keep some extra line or a pre-wound spool in your pocket, so you don't have to go back to the truck when you run out of line.

You can use the air flow from the trimmer head to clear off small concrete pads or patios so you don't have to tote the blower around to the back of the house.
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