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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
That is an excellent way of putting it... here we have various eco-systems that define , How things grow in this nieghborhood... we have high ground, slopes, low land, near the water, away from the water, trees, terraces, fullsun, irrgation, topsoil added, no topsoil added, East facing, West facing,,, the list goes on...

We have so much, "One Size Fits All" chatter,,, that its almost impossible to get any thoughts in about what the soil may be doing, inspite of what we might be doing at the surface...
Thanks for not being a Lemming...
I believe the inventing of the program in a random situation is the adopted failed practice.

Successful way to mow; walk behind your hydro and guide its successful paths.

Unsuccessful way to mow; set the throttle, set the ground speed, point in a direction and let it go and DEAL.

The difference between program and successful manipulation.

IMO. If someone has to use an exhausting amount of science to correct their situation. They have some serious problems and should drop what their doing. In my experience. There are just a small handful of things that cause cultural issues. There are no mysteries. Stop overlooking the obvious to try and discover them. The same 5 things always happen ...just in different sequences. LEARN THE SEQUENCES!
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