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Originally Posted by McFarland_Lawn_Care View Post
Despite Kirk's shameless plugs for jobber, I might actually look into it. There must be a reason why S.A. is so much more expensive but I'm not sure exactly how it is any better. Maybe I'll just call them up and ask why I should pay $150/month when jobber is way less and maybe they can convince me of a few reasons to stay. I love the system but it IS very pricey IMHO.
I don't know about shameless. I just have been around the billing software block. I used Gopher software (no support or updates), (okay software but again, very little support or updates) lawnaide, and many, many other trials. I understand people have different opinions and software needs. I am not a salesman and i'm not saying you must switch to Jobber. All I say is to do some research, take advantage of Jobber's no credit card free trial, and see if it works for you. If it doesn't which it may not, then continue your software search. Explore all avenues and have an open mind, this applies to almost any purchase you make.
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