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When I was in the Atlanta market during the 90's, we had several clients that had Fescue as their turf type. The problem is just the nature of fescue itself. It's a money pit!! It only grows vertical, gets disease and grubs, stresses out and goes to @&*% if not on a strict turf program every year.

BUT... since you have expressed that you are on a budget and this is what you are wanting to do... here is my suggestion. Rake out everything that you have done thus far. Invest in some GOOD compost/soil mix. (This will be the only thing I am proposing extra). Seed everything you have done, then dump the compost mix about every 10-15ft for topdressing. Spread it out adding 1/2"-1/4" to the top. Seed again and water in! If you don't want to use straw, then just make sure you water it regularly. It will have a tendency to dry out faster without the straw. However, y'alls temps are dropping like ours, so you should be good. Make sure you either fert, if you haven't already.

Good luck!
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