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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
I'm even battling grass laying down where previous wheel tracks intercepted in the middle of the yard and I change up my pattern every cut. A good part of my properties like water and fertilizer. I finally got into the fertilizer/pesticide biz two years ago to try and help regulate growth better. Even when only watering 3-4 times a week still seems like the grass is heavy and saturated. If I cut the water back much from that we start seeing dry spots. Most of my properties I only fertilize two or three times a year and it I still have places that will grow 4"-6" in seven days.

Good idea dropping the cut on the frame out lap. I have never tried double blades. This is partly due to the fact that I feel if all was right I shouldn't have to. May come to that though. Not sure it could suck more fuel. This 921 is a 2.0 gph thirsty beast. I've run the OEMs, flat rolled high lifts, G6s, flat notched high lifts, and the OEM mulch blades. IMO it has to be due to very little vacuum and/or lack of lift or odd turbulence under the deck.

On a positive note the discharge is pretty good and this deck, even with the mulch kit, stays cleaner than any deck I've run to date.
The only thing else I would try is going against the grain and dropping the deck 1 notch to help stand it up and cut it off. Are you waiting for the dew to dry before cutting, Ive had a lot of issues like this too from so much dew?
I try to make sure the irrigation has been turned off for 48hrs before mowing too. I know you have some pretty large properties, so double cutting may not be an option but it helps you can cut less off the 1st pass then lower the deck and crisscross it again. You may have to experiment to see what works best. Conditions are always worse for me in the fall, and sometimes no deck can handle it as well as I like it to be without some changes to what you normally do. The double blades really creates more lift but is not something I would do all the time.

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