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couldn't even do the compost.. i did what i did. if it comes up, it comes up. wasn't expecting so many calls this fall being a new lawn care business, but have been fairly busy for somebody with a full time overnight job as well. so i did what i could with what time i had.. i tilled it yesterday afternoon, tried to rake it as level as i could.. this morning spread out half the rate of 8lbs per thousand square feet. went over it once with the aerator.. then put the other half of the seed.. turned rake upside down and did as suggested above.. its just a mess, i thought aerating it could help some.. we will see. i probally should have researched the seed more. should be interesting to see what happens. if it doesnt i'm only out 20 bucks in grass seed some starter fert.. and my time.. i could use the excercise anyway. will post some pictures soon. its just a POS back yard anyway. i bought this place as a forclosure last year. not expecting much. honestly, it probally will look better than it did.

i worked for a few different places in the 90's in atlanta.. i had a route in buckhead at one point, and in the city of marietta, and east cobb. plenty of folks who keep fescue in these areas.. back then, lot of people with the money to keep up with it. to each his own i guess. now.. i will take them on, but i let them know what to expect with fescue in hotlanta. problem with all the new homes they used to build here, they sod the front, then put cheap rye in the back that looks nice till the summer then the new home owner is left with a big mess in the back, no grass.
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