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i use gopher and am completely satisfied...first of all, their support has always been awesome, the last time i needed them i emailed them hoping to get a prompt response because i was at a computer place trying to switch the program over to my new was like 7 pm and they emailed me back within minutes, they always have...yes it hasn't been updated since 2006...that's because they got it right the first time...there are very few things i would change about the program and i'm very picky, which is why i don't use quickbooks, it's too general...i am not familiar with the chemical function yet, that is on my list...

one advantage to online programs is they are automatically backed up so you don't have to worry about a crash and losing all of your info...the downside is a costly monthly fee...service autopilot seems awesome, but not for like $1200 a year when we have run a very successful business on a $200 one time fee program...we are well into 6 figures on gross and that's just our maintenance side, gopher has done everything that we need it to...

what i would fix about gopher off the top of my head is a search function...sometimes i will forget a name but remember the address but i won't be able to find them without searching one by one through the customer list...going through hundreds of customers is very tedious and time would also be nice to make an app so if i needed to change or add something from the field i could...really, if it worked like iCloud invoicing would be easier than ever with gopher...if you use gopher correctly and set up your daily schedule from the beginning of the season to the end then you could simply tell your scheduling/invoicing software from the field that you completed let's say 17 jobs that day but postponed 1 job (which gopher can already do) then your invoicing is done for that day and you haven't even touched your office...

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