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Originally Posted by mtmower View Post
With the mulch kit installed I have been going in the reverse direction since it's not side discharging. Does some good but also is quick to lay it over the other direction as well. My other issue now with the mulch system is the grass height/growth somewhat regulates my cutting height. If I cut too much off I've got gobs of time blowing clumps of clippings in the whole yard.

On the dampness of my properties the dew is off. I've been waiting till 9:00-10:00 am to start cutting. This cuts into productivity of course. Doing pretty much the same as you on the irrigation. Have it off roughly 48 hrs. before mowing.

I have double cut several yards ( even some 50-70,000 sqft. ones!) with mixed results (and lost time). When side discharging, this is more helpful than mulching, and you can also make better time due to faster processing speed.

All I need is Super Z speed and cut with a 460 seat and discharge, bigger tanks and a 37 hp engine that gets 1.0 gph. Oh and grass that is dry, stands up tall and straight when it hears me coming, and only grows 1.5" in seven days. Is that too much to ask for? I guess a guy can dream right?
Short of bagging its hard to fix the problem . Sometimes I use 2 different mowers on 1 lawn, 1 set up for mulching I usually make the first cut when dry with it. Then Hi lifts and side discharging on the 2nd pass. Either that or use tunnel vision and ignore what you see. Sometimes the customers never notice it. But it still bothers me. I use to double cut every lawn with my 66inch Super Z because I could fly 14 mph on the 2nd pass and make a nice looking stripe while cleaning everything up.

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