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Originally Posted by burnsyscapes View Post
30 gallon 8-10 ft they are 195 a pop including tax. 585 installed with one year warrenty x 10, they are going to be spread out 25 feet apart. 5850 total to put in 10 of them.

if i did 10 ft hvy b&b 1102.5 per tree installed.

installed price includse mulch soil amdendments extra.

let me know what you all think, not asking for your prices, just seeing if that sounds right.
Is that your wholesale price for a 8-10'? Seems high to me, but you are in a different market than me. I think you are spot on with your price with a guarantee. Some guys I know take the retail price and double it plus 20% installed and that covers everything. I try to use the rule of 1/3 materials, 1/3 labor, but will manipulate each bid based on the jobsite. Conditions to consider... equipment? accessibility, soil conditions, travel, etc. If I have to carry 10 trees to the back of a property... that's gonna cost more in labor. If I can get the plants closer, then that will be reflected in the cost. We used to use a price sheet for each size of tree and shrub, but quit using that several years ago. Basically just job cost things so we are staying around the 30-40% cost in materials. That gives us plenty of room for play for our profit margin.
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