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Walker Mower question...diesel


Im looking at buying a new Walker GHS mower with the diesel mower. I've never looked at them before now.

My residential crew currently uses a John Deere 997 Diesel.
For any bagging needed he uses a Accelerator metal bagger that can be attached to the side of the deck as needed. The good thing about him using this mower is that its great for cutting crappy tall grass lawns that only get cut once every two weeks and it does a great job cutting my best lawns that are picture perfect. I added the stripe bar from JD this year and it make it strip just as good as any mower I've seen. He cuts large and small lawns and this mower has done a great job. (I know some people would think this mower is way to heavy for cutting alot of lawns, but it's never been an issue).

I want to buy a few more pieces of equipment this year for taxes and the Walker mower looks like a good fit for my residential cutting crew. He has the space on the trailer to dump clippings as needed and alot of my properties have areas to dump them as well. Im thinking we can use this mower for leaf removal as well.

Ive talked to my local dealer and they priced out a new diesel GHS with the 48 deck, armrests with suspension seat, the piece to add to the hopper if I ever don't want to bag a lawn, and the quick deck height attachment. The total price would be $16,000.00

I want to know everything anyone knows about these machines, the good, the bad, anything at all before I drop 16k on it.

And I want a diesel b/c I only run diesel in all of my equipment except for my one Wright Stander 36". And I'm willing to pay more for the diesel b/c of the fuel consumption savings over time.

Thank you
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