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here are the pictures if any of you need a good laugh for today. still considering getting a few bales of straw to put out. afraid i might get busy with work and miss one watering. going for 2 a day.. to keep it moist.. supposed to get rain next to days.. hope its nothing to heavy..

i had some pictures of what it looked like before. not much time and money to put into it.

just going up about half way up with the fescue because i actually got a good stand of bermuda at top of hill, gonna put some kinda mulch bed in the middle area. this was the roughest area. i am wanting to plant something there, like a tree or something. i had transplanted some of the sod i dug up to top of hill where the bermuda was bare.

it'd be nice to have something back there more than what i had.. then one day when i have money will be sodding with a bermuda or zoyzia. i hate this backyard. the wife wanted this house, had to have it.. and i was shaking my head about the yard.. and the basement not finished. but... HELL of a deal on the house.
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