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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
1.) Crab Grass (or any other weed grass)
2.) Asiatic Dayflower. Good luck killing and controlling that one.
3.) Clover
4.) Wild Violet
5.) Black Medic while still a bit green.


You have a couple of noticible difference

2. Asiatic dayflower vs. Japanese Stilf Grass

I googled asiatic dayflower. I can see the similarities in the leaves, but I have never seen mine flower. Certainly int he middle of the yard where I mow, it gets cut too soon. Its invaded some planting beds too, where it can grow significantly before I get around to pulling it, and still havent noticed any flowers. Next time I am out there, I will be looking for them though.

5. Balck Medic vs. red/creeping wood sorrel.

The leave of the black medic don't loook very "heart" like to me. Nor have I come upon any pictures with color like what I see in my lawn.
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