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Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
Arbor I think it's value in my parts might be $5K. With snow coming soon anything without a cab is not going to move quickly.

I just bought a 2001 New Holland LS170 cab/heat/bucket with new tires from a dealer for $12.5K. Not apples to apples but it was in much nicer shape.
It'll move quickly if we actually get some snow. I plowed snow commercially for two years with an open cab machine. warm boots and coveralls and it's not so bad. Of course, a cheap vinyl or lexan cab kit is an easy remedy to the cold if someone really needs a cab enclosure. I suppose I can add a cab and heater to it if it's still around in another month. Easy and cheap enough to do...

As for the value, I know i'll get more than $5k but might have to wait until old man winter gets a bit closer. Someone will fix the exhaust leak and paint it up and have a $10k machine.
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