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Originally Posted by all ferris View Post
cutting mega arbel does suck a big donkeys you know what. It has 4 things that I hate about it. 1: it's hard to measure if you have to butt it up against anything. 2: it's big and heavy so the old saying applies "measure twice cut once" because carrying a piece back to the saw more than once really makes me mad. 3: it takes longer to cut and wears out blades faster because it's thicker. 4: more wasted material.

I almost cringe when a customer wants mega arbel. I have a 175' long sidewalk (4' wide) to do with mega arbel and I'm not looking forward to it. The only good thing about the side walk is that we can cut in place.
When cutting mega arbel, put your tape measure away. Get a few sheets of heavy construction paper. Since all mega arbels are the same shape, just trace the shape on the construction paper and cut it out. When you are ready to cut, you just fold the paper over so it fits in the area and trace that shape onto a paver and cut. Piece of cake.
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