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Charging issue - 72" 31hp Kawasaki

I've searched a little and see that there was a flywheel issue with these motors. I'm wondering if that is what I'm dealing with here.

My mower:
Model# 928911A
Engine# FX850V-AS08
About 100hrs.

Battery started acting tired all the time. Replaced as I assumed just old. Replacement battery started dragging as well. Checked charging system and here is what I get:

battery posts=12.40 @ idle
battery posts=12.75 @ full throttle
battery posts=12.25 @ idle with PTO engaged
battery posts=12.55 @ full throttle with PTO engaged

stator leads=27.00 @ full throttle

regulator dc prong=same as battery posts

Obviously the above voltage at the battery posts is an issue. Kawasaki service manual says 26v at the stator prongs is within minimum spec. So we are talking one volt here, not to mention a different meter might read less. Also, given from what I read, the original flywheel was only an issue in my particular mower configuration. So the 26v minimum stated in the manual might not take my mower into consideration. I replaced the regulator with a new one just to be sure, same voltage readings as above.

So what do we think? Replace flywheel? If so, anyone have the most current part#?

Original was: 21193-7035
Found two updated part numbers, they may supersede to each other but I would like to be sure:21193-0706 or 21193-7049

I bought the mower new around Aug of 09. Dealer told me I only had two yr warranty, that sound right? Really thought it was longer.

Is Kawasaki only updating these under warranty, or was it a recall/campaign?

Thanks for reading and suggestions.
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