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covered up!

Hello, I have been mowing and doing yard work for several years basically since I was a teenager. After gentle persuasion from my fulltime job in the way of a drastic pay cut two years ago. I decided to give the lawn biz an honest shot this past year. The beginning was discouraging. But I kept my nose down and put every dime back into my co. I am now to the point where I work 3-4 hrs every weekday after my normal 8-5er and at least 10 hrs. On Saturday I occasionally have to work on Sunday though I try not to. I am trying to hold off til spring to pull the trigger on going fulltime in lawn care mainly because it is so late in the season. My question is, is it possible to build up enough clientele on a part time schedule to fill up a fulltime schedule. Right now I feel like I am maxed out and don't have time for any other contracts. Oh yeah I do have a helper who helps me out about two days a week and on Saturdays. But with all the no payers and cheapskate customers who live in 500k plus houses im leary about telling my salary job to shove it...for now! I am sure this is an age old question but don't see how there is enough time to grow to the next stage without taking that leap of faith. I was just curious if anybody has done it.
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