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Originally Posted by trooper8870 View Post
I have two new ZD331's. Both have about 30 hours on them. One of the units will run like a scalded dog. The other runs great for about 30 minutes or so and once it warms up it feels like it goes from a 31 hp unit to a 21 hp unit. I am carrying it back to dealer again on Tuesday to see if they can get it right. Has anyone on here had a similar type problem with these mowers?
WOW! Good Luck with that one...Let us know what happens?

I remember shortly after my purchase of a ZD326. I was mowing an the mower seemed to be low on power. I was mowing a slight uphill area with lush green grass. On the down hill slope I was fine but the uphill side it really pulled the little engine hard. I looked around at a couple of simple things and finally looked under the deck........I couldn't believe the amount of grass stuck under that deck! Actually I had never cleaned it out so I should have expected it. Cleaned the deck out and all was well! trooper I'm not indicating I think this is your problem just commenting and hoping yours is as simple!
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