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you can easily gross 43k in landscaping but that doesnt mean that you are taking home 43k like your full time job.

Id really take a step back and see your options and research everything more. How much money do you NEED to get by? What are your bills, and then what do you need to feed yourself/family , pay your helper, ect.

If i grossed 43k id prob take home about 25-30k. It costs money to make money. My first year (ligitament when i was 16) we grossed 50k, and i took home 41k. That was with no bills, only gas and one part time helper doing just lawns.

This year we are up to around 270k gross and it costs a hell of a lot more to run a business when you have two full time employees, going to school, and paying for repairs, insurance, taxes...yada yada yada.... I will prob take home about 95k this year, minus school. So after taxes and everything, after 300k of sales i will be up 65k, then my personal bills and feeding my face, and my girlfriends face, and my truck payment, and everyhting else, ill prob be down to about 35k in savings at the end of the year.

What i would do if i were you, is to get your helper going one full day per week working by himself ontop of what you guys alreaday do, while you are at your full time job, so hes picking up the new clients while your at work, so you can keep building up while your still getting your salaried pay. .....long long sentence, but id keep your job until you have enough clients to take care of your bills and be taking a decent amount home as well.

It costs a lot more to go full time than part time.

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