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the problem is that in the last 20 years or the the people who make the shingles have added in limestone as a filler, so that the shingles are heavier and don't blow off as easy.. However, the side effect was that mold spores that come from trees land on the roof ( and when they land they basically need 3 things to survive, a host or the roof, food which is the limestone and moisture. So the mold lands on the roof and begins to eat away the limestone, when this happens the granules begin to fall off the roof and roll into the gutters, it leaves those ugly stains, deteriorates the roof and the result is you have to replace the roof prematurely. This is a relatively new problem (at least here in MD. Due to the climate changing.. You can expect to see the mold growing on the North and East sides of the roof ... Thanks for checking out my thread!
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