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Originally Posted by diamondlandscaping View Post
Oh and I know where your talking about south of Bhb near the water. Again, might be people unwilling to pay for quality. I saw homes in that area though that would be great to pick up, but I don't think so much on singer island. Looked like a lot of $150-$250/mon max
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Yes, there are those, but there are also a lot of people in that area that aren't afraid of the dollar amount as long as their place looks nice. There are "cheapo's" everywhere, and considering our economic situation, I suppose it's understandable. Your price ranges are pretty close, but when you can knock out 12-14 per day, there's a little money there. None of the lots are very large. The toughest part is that most of them back up to the water, and you have to be careful on those slopes at waters edge. Otherwise, they are pretty much quickies. You have to remember that unlike you, we can't be too picky right now. We just need to get clients that are happy and will talk to other potential clients.
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