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Originally Posted by diamondlandscaping View Post
I hear you. I want more work too. I really only want to pick up $300/mo and up minimum. Anything less than that and you are then trying to do volume, which I don't want. I do have one account in Jupiter that's $180/mo, but it's EOW. No grass, only landscaping. That is probably the only neighborhood I want more work that is in that price range cause the homes are easy and very little grass if any. Problem is, lots of shoddy companies that work cheap. Most of the people are seasonal in there.
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I agree. The $300 and plus per month are the ones to get, but I'm just not finding many down here. The one you have in Jupiter is probably a good profit, but how far do you drive to do just that one job? That's what we're struggling with. I'm driving from Royal Palm to do the work on singer island, and just today I had a potential client call from Boca. I can't afford to spread out like that, or my fuel and traveling expenses will eat up any profit. I'm working hard with a couple of HOA's in the Wellington/Royal Palm area and they are right in my backyard. If I can get those, and do a couple of "one dayers" with some driving time, I'll be OK for now. I'll tell you, compared with central FL, the market is tough down here! I'm learning that the hard way.
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