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and the trouble goes on.
I have tested the coils (resistance test) good
o2 sensor (resistance) good
TPS --Good
I took the flywheel off thinking maybe the keyway was worn, I found that all but 1 magnet had come unglued from flywheel and where all stuck to the stator, I glued them back to flywheel re-assembled engine, started motor waited about 3 min and it starts to bog down and revs back up (not high) then under load it mis-fires. But at idle it will bog down the recover, misfire, bog down ect. I thought that it was probally the O2 sensor due to it warming up and going open loop with a faulty o2 sensor. I installed a new sensor but again around 2-3 min it runs then starts the, coughing, sputtering cycle again. The coils are not hot to the touch anyway and they tested good soooo I'm really out of ideas now.
Really need some help on this one. ANYONE with an idea??
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