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Originally Posted by David Gretzmier View Post
I have ried the software and cannot seem to be fast enough with it. folks will give you an hour to hour and a half window to sell them. that gives me enough time to get them to trust me, measure, write up a bid and overcome objections. I do about 4-10 appointments a day from November 10-dec 3. I may change my tune if I start struggling to close work, but I have never needed to use the software to close 35-50 new jobs per year. photos of your work or others, catalogs, give the visual.

That being said, I have heard of guys that have that landscaper pro software, and that were struggling for work in the first few years. so they just go to a new neighborhood, taking photos of each house, and then spending 30 minutes on each home with the computer putting landscaping, christmas lights and landscape lights and then mailing the 3 photos. to the homes. it generates work.

Wow, I get to teach you something!

I would barely use this software to show mock ups, I would use it to have my roof line count all figured out and any other measurements I could easily do with it, before I even walked in the door. I never even pulled out my laptop unless it was needed to show a mock up. (maybe someone is on the fence on how something might look) So what this does is shorten your appointment time, and makes you look like a true pro, because you already did your homework up front.
"Here;s pics of my past work, here's a list of clients that you can call to do a check up, here's how we do it and here's how much it will cost" Customers love this because they didn't have to screw around watching you measure stuff. I've closed jobs because I gave a roof line price right when they asked. "How'd you know how much roof is there just by looking at it" me="I already grabbed a picture and calculated before I got here because I didn't want to waste your time watching me measure". This shows that you are the real deal.

Here's the real kicker. I want you to go to your city and look up the assessment info for tax billing. Some cities/counties have their own program, others have BS&A software. A lot of the sites already have pictures of the fronts of the houses, along with dates on when they were taken. In most cases you don't even have to leave your office to be over prepared for your appointment.
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