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An App for completed work log?

Try service sidekick it's badass. I was looking for an app too but I couldn't find anything good. Service sidekick had a 14 day trial which I'm in my third day and I love it. It's web based and it syncs with quickbooks and iCal google calendar. Today I added one of my employees on the system while he was with me and I scheduled him a job on the and it automatically showed up on his phone on his calendar and you can also hit notify and it sends him a text message. You can create jobs and tasks.

Also heres an example: I got a lead for repairing a leak so I called the costumer and while I was on the phone with her all I had to do is: hit new costumer, filled in the info. I gave her a price she said ok, i created an estimate(took 30 seconds or less) and hit a button to turn it into a job. After I visited the property i hit one button to complete the job made an invoice hit another button to email the invoice. On my way home I hit a button to sync with quickbooks it took 20 seconds to sync all the jobs for the day. Took me longer to type this than it takes to run the program I'm so freaking exited about it I got to come home and hang out with the family
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