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Originally Posted by Illini_Fan View Post
Thank you both. This clearly isn't the place and I considered that before replying. However, when a person literally shreds your character in a public forum, the gloves tend to come off, as they say. I will still work with this man ad do what I can. t is a two way street, though.
What the OP posted was hardly "GLOVES OFF", don't be so dramatic Mark. Pick up the phone and just call him to work out a resolution.

Our county is full of arrogance, please show your customer a little more respect. You have an opportunity to shine here, show how much BB cares about the customer, for me for you, i would seize this opportunity to WOW him and then you can enjoy his posts on LS instead of what you chose.

Remember, don't just show up to play, show up to win. Don't be an imitator, be an innovator.
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