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Originally Posted by diamondlandscaping View Post
I live 5 minutes from that house....yea, drive time is a killer, but sometimes you have to do it cause the accounts are worth it. If you can line up a good amount of work in west Boca, you should def go there. It is one high-end hood after the other. If you are ever near clintmoore rd, head west towards 441 and you will see. There are also nice hoods off 441 b/t Atlantic and clintmoore. Idk, central Florida seems tougher. Plus, they don't really have any estates up there....lots here.
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OK, that's like me doing jobs in Wellington. 5 minutes away. That's where the money is. I know Boca has a lot of nice stuff out west but this one was more east and from the satellite image, probably a $120 per. mo. job max. It's about 50 minutes drive time each way. Out west though, I'd take one just to get my foot in the neighborhood. Lots of money out there.
Yeah, not a lot of huge estates up central, but I'm talking west central. Lots of golf course communities with nice town houses. HOA's that don't include lawn maintenance. That's where our other company is making their money. They can knock out 10 per hour at $25 per pop. Good money. Down here, most of those are paid by the HOA, and those contracts are hard to get.
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