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I had a punk kid walk up the side of my trailer and up the driver side bed of my truck about 15 months ago and reach over inside the b ed for a 5 gallon gas can with me sitting inside the truck watching him!!!! As soon as he reached in the bed I opened the door and was 12 inches from him as soon as I stepped outta the cab. He immediately dropped to his knees and started crying begging me to not do anything. Now I keep a 2 1/2 gallon bait can right inside the bed easily reach full of muratic acid and water(1/3 is water)! I also have in sharpie written on the side of the can "dangerous contents wear protection when handling" according to my neighbor who is a lawyer I've taken precautions to warn the idiots so it can't be pinned on me when it burns their skin off... I do some minor brick work repair so I have to have the muratic acid to clean brick. See I have an alibi. Lol
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