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Here's what I do. All my trimmers I take the line spool out and engrave my name and phone number in them. I also paint the inside of the head orange! Echo trimmers you don't have to remove the head to restring so no one would think to pull spool out to look in there. Also the little aluminum blacks that u bolt on the trimmer shafts that slip into the rack to keep the trimmer from spinning, I paint the shaft orange underneath where the blacks bolt on. My back pack blowers I paint the under side of the base that the machine sets on a flat black. No one natices its been painted unless u really look. I also take the rubber flex pipe off that comes out of the blower housing and paint the inside orange, no one is gonna take the time to unscrew the clamps on the blower pipes to see that. I also take the blower housing apart and engrave my name and number inside there as well. Just what I do, hope it helps.
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