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Originally Posted by JLSLLC View Post
Im going to go through my equipment a little more, great ideas!!! Lately it seems ive been taggin my equipment somewhere with some yellow spray paint i had left over from a project.. I know one LCO around me paints a lot his equipment blue, and numbers them! Looks uniform too lol..Blue gas tanks/cans/ blowers etc, awesome thread!
Yeah if you can do something like Sunbelt rental company, they paint all of their stuff a unique color of green, thats ideal. however personaly i like my Deere's to be Deere green and my Echo"s to be Echo orange, so i find places to difficult to quickly look at and paint or mark them. also if you engrave stuff, engrave more than in just one spot. if the theif finds one and grinds it out he will think ok now its untraceable since he ground off your engraving under the engine cover, but you will be able to I.D. it from the engraving thats on the engine block or someplace else as well as the paint mark hidden inside a part if the machine. also paint mark more than one spot. my theory is engrave or paint one place the theif will find after a few minutes to ease his mind, but i also mark someplace else that he would have to nearly disassemble the whole machine to find. the more markins the better.
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