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Originally Posted by A.T.T. View Post
So you don't turn the truck on and off if you dont have to? I ordered a 6.7 2500 and I'm worried about it on my maintenance route. My jobs are very close together, most of my commercial accounts are like 30-40 mins, I have a few big ones. Most of my resi's are about the same, 30 40 mins. So I'm just not sure what to do?
its hard to say really. i mean 45 minutes is a long time to idle really. some of my accounts fortunatley are in very close proximety so i can park in one driveway and do 2-4 houses in a row, if thats the case then i shut it down. but i have 2 guys that work with me so i rarely get ahold of any lawns that take us more than 20 minutes. but if its a 15-20 minute job i let her idle, because usually within the last 5 minutes of a job i have to move it anyhow to finish blowing so really it only sets idle for 10-15 minutes. I my rule of thumb if if its gonna set less then 20 minutes let it run. but 45 minutes to an hour i'd shut it down. 15+ starts a day on any engine is bad, but on diesels its even harder. just use good judgement is all. i guess im used to the old diesel motors in some old equipment that required 3 guys, starting fluid and a combination of tricks to get it to start so you would leave it running once you brought it to life. lol. also i try to schedule similar lawns in groups small lawns all on a certain day or within a certain time window, then bigger accounts i group together, then commercial accounts, so my scheduling plays into it as well
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