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Originally Posted by riverjunkie View Post
Thanks for all the good advice. I have been thinking about getting someone to work fulltime a couple days a week solo. What scares me about that is the fact of basically giving someone all my equipment and customer list. And then hoping they do a good job, don't wreck or steal my stuff or cause me to loose clients. ( I think I have trust issues) I do think this is a good plan warranting I find the right employee.
I'm not really in a position to buy accounts at this time. That would be a great way to increase customer base rapidly.
Thanks for all the encouragement. I definitely have alot of "cipher'n" to do.
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I have a pt job. Work MWF evenings and Sat 8-4. Work 24.5 hrs a week. Freed up my days to landscape. Steady income to come in as I grow my business. Also job to bring in money when landscape work slows down during the cold months. Can't count on snow. And this job lets me call in sick when it snows.

The best part is you're working your route, doing top quality work, not abusing your equipment. On the ground noticing work and upselling. Building your business. No way an employee can do this for you.
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