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Restrorob: Yea that was a thought also, I used super glue and I could not budge them after it set. I have no idea what heat does to super glue, so yes it is a concern. I thought of JB weld but I thought it would be too thick so I went with super glue that was labled for use on metal.

I can see value in the flow chart, but I can run down it (with yes's) until the end where it asks if the problem was resolved. Obviously the answer is no, so it circles back. And it really doesn't say "well maybe you may want to look at something else". Basically replace this or that until fixed, but what happens if nothing in that line of diganostics fixes it? Alot of $$ wasted.
As far as leak down test goes: The manual say that "some models" come with this auto compression release mechinisim. Does mine? how about yours? Kohler did not publish which models had it, in my service manual anyway. I think Kohler dropped the ball on that. Anyway I don't have a leak down tester but I do have a compression tester and both sides test 185psi. So at least even psi is good on most engines BUT Kohler doesn't spec out what they actually should be, just that a leak down test should be performed, cause ours might have a ACR.

Keith: Yea my thought also, wiring harness issue. I have had bad connections make it not start when cold before so I think that is the next direction.

I think my next step is to tear it back down, check the magnets for correct position, check the air gap of the speed sensor, rip the seat off so that I can get at the wiring harness better, and start a wire by wire check. I read in a service bulletin that they had a problem with a stainless steel connector somewhere that was used as a ground. I think the bulletin said it wasn't used on the CV but was on the CH so I shouldn't have it right. Anyway just some things to look for i guess.

A fuel pressure test is in order also, the pump seems to make a funny sound now and again, so maybe that will be first check. Also does anyone think it could be injector related?
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