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Fire Ants

So with the cooler temps and much needed rainfall the fire ants have seemed to multiply. I have a feeling that it could be big business if you can get ahead of the application rush.

I curious to know what everyone's plan of attack is. I know Ric had a thread or post about his blanket applications.

Right now I'm using acephate as a mound treatment when I'm called to treat. I think I will attempt to sell topchoice in the future, but need to work on my sales pitch(I'm cautious about selling a year guaruntee...maybe I say surpress). Maybe a liquid mound drench would be even better?

I've also thought about a 3-4 application program(bifenthrin or carbaryl?) that might take care of fire ants, grubs, and other potential problem pest. Maybe a broadcast application in spring and fall and then follow up 1-2 times with mound treatments?

So I'm looking for what you have used and your thoughts.
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