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Originally Posted by Blasko's Lawncare View Post
Im looking into purchasing a zero turn in the upcoming year and for the longest time I've had my heart set on an Exmark. But lately I've been asking around getting peoples opinions on the new generation of Exmark. The feedback hasn't been good most people say that the cut will look good when you leave but when you go back an hour later you find out that the grass wasn't completely cut and pops back up the same people say they want there old Exmarks back. So this has really got me thinking about considering scag and i'm looking for opinions on witch will give me the better cut and less chance of having to double cut and me being in eastern PA we have mainly Kentucky Blue Grass. Any response is appreciated!
Instead of posting on here you need to go and demo them for yourself. We demoed an eXmark Lazer 2 weeks ago it was okay I prefer the older style Lazer like we have now, not because of anything in particular just what I've been running. Didn't have any issues like the uncut grass later on in the day.

I demoed a Dixie Chopper Classic 2750. I really liked the machines performance, the cut and the overall look and feel of it so we bought it. After getting the deck height adjusted so I could cut max height I really like it.

I was going to go demo a Scag but after the demo of the Dixie Chopper and the price we were able to negotiate we pulled trigger on the Dixie.

The best thing to do is demo and get an extended demo if possible.

The eXmark dealer rubbed me the wrong way after years of dealing with them so that was also a factor for us.
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