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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Complex is never better. Complex is never even good. Complex means more more work/time to do something. Complex is only bad.

No exact formula the employees are going to think that the boss is out to "game" them out of there money.

A business owner has to do what works out best easiest for him.
Hourly, salary, piece work, base guarantee + commission, commission.

I have a friend come out one day a week he gets $10 a lawn. These lawns are under 1/3 acre or less. Sometimes I'm not loaded up before he gets there he helps. End of day he helps to unload and clean up. We don't rush to get done faster. We don't cut corners. Travel time is not a factor.

Now if I was to get larger lawns I would have to pay more him more on those. Pay would have to reflect the size of the lawn to be fair.
$10 on a $30-$35 is fair. $10 would not be fair on an $72 lawn.

you sound like you pau piecemeal... I do not. I pay more than the median wages in my area. Guys are with more close to 7 years. Not gaming anyone.
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