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Originally Posted by ClippersLC View Post
Engine and tranny is the same, just more suspension. More leaf springs and bigger tires, basically. My 3500 has the 4500 suspension under it, plus airbag overloads so its technically a 5500 lol
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There is definitely a difference. In the pickup version 3500 you have no def fluid, the Cab and Chassis trucks have had DEF fluid since 10' I think. All 2013 trucks are supposed to have DEF fluid. The auto transmission in the pickup is a 68RFE which tends to have problems when worked hard regularly or tuned with high horsepower on a emissions deleted truck with a tuner. The 6 speed manual is a G56 which is the same in the Cab and Chassis all models 3500,4500, and 5500.

All cab and chassis have the Aisin automatic trans which is supposed to be a heavier duty transmission similar to the Allison in the duramax. The 4500 C&C has 19.5" wheels and beefed up suspension. The only difference in the 5500 is 1 additional leaf in the rear springs.

I have an 11' 2500 with a 6 speed manual with deleted emissions, and 5" straight turbo back exhaust with an H&S XRT pro tuner.

Go to and you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about a diesel. If you don't put very many miles on a truck I would go with the V10 Ford option.

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